Efficiency Assessments

Optimizing engine performance and reliability

Fuel costs will continue to rise. Air emission regulations are putting further pressure on marine fuels. Maximizing the efficiency of your engine’s operation reduces fuel consumption as well as the harmful air emissions.

Hermont has over 25 years of experience in engine efficiency; our team can present you with options that will ensure you have the best return on every dollar you spend on fuel – while minimizing your environmental footprint – be it a ship-borne engine or a land based power plant.  Contact us, we would be happy to discuss engine efficiency solutions.

Our offer

Our most important strength is our knowledge. We offer solutions engineered to increase your engine’s efficiency.

  • Icon Research Doctor electronic engine analyzer, for expert assessment of engine condition and fuel combustion. This provides the basis for optimizing engine performance and reducing harmful engine emissions.

  • VAF ViscoSense for optimal viscosity control. Viscosity determines injection quality and, with it, combustion. Tight viscosity control optimizes fuel confumption and reduces harmful stack emissions.

  • VAF Fuel monitoring systems allow vessels to accurately measure fuel consumption. When integrated with relevant data (such as SOG, GPS) it can allow you to identify potential saving opportunities

We have the know how to help you identify areas where you can get more out of your engine, and the expertise to determine what solutions would be most effective. We’ll provide you with all the data and recommendations to let you know where you stand and how we can help you save money.