Bilge Assessments

Improving efficiency, reducing your risk and your environmental footprint

Environmental stewardship is an important responsibility; Hermont has over 35 years of experience in bilge treatment. Our team knows the regulations; we have the experience to create customized bilge treatment solutions for fleets and their individual ships.

Contact us, we would be happy to evaluate your bilge treatment situation and prepare a plan with you to help reduce costs.

Our offer

We can help you identify problems, and suggest simple, cost-efficient solutions. When needed, we offer a wide range of products that can help you efficiently reduce sludge. Our solutions are geared to

  • Reduce the quantity of sludge produced

  • Increase the bilge water treatment efficiency of the systems you already have in place

We have the know how to determine the issues to be addressed, and the expertise to determine what solutions would be most effective. Contact us to schedule an assessment of your ship. We’ll provide you with all the data and recommendations to let you know where you stand and how we can help save you money.

Case Study

A bilge assessment was conducted aboard a Canadian ship built in 1961 with a 3,600 HP main engine. The ship was having problems treating bilge water and incurred high offshore discharge costs as a result.

Hermont technicians conducted the assessment in fall 2006, and over the following months, Hermont technicians provided solutions to allow the ship owner to improve the bilge processing flow and increase crew knowledge of problem sources. The solutions were progressively integrated In order to respecting budgetary constraints.


According to the ship owner, the cost reductions were of the order of $17,000 in the first half-year due to drastically reduced discharge to shore.