Pollution Abatement - Bilge Separator


MEPC.107(49) compliant
Bilge Separator

The OWS COM Bilge separator complies with IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49). OWS COM combines the efficient open porous coalescer with a second stage emulsion breaking oil and hydrocarbon polisher to achieve consistent and reliable performance. Periodic back flushing assures coalescer efficacy for long lasting, maintenance free operation.

The RWO OWS COM line of Bilge Separators is MEPC.107(49) certified and is Transport Canada approved for processing of oily bilge water under Canadian inland water regulations to less than 5ppm discharge quality. Approved equipment can be supplied with discharge capacities from 0.25 to 10.0m3/hr, for typical shipboard electrical supply.

With the OWS COM Bilge Separator the ship complies with current regulations. The proven technology ensures reliable, continuous operation with minimal operator intervention. The system is typically supplied fully assembled including the approved and certified DECKMA Bilge Alarm.