About Us

Hermont started as a supplier of excellent marine products and today is recognized as a provider of quality and economical solutions in pollution abatement and energy efficiency improvements.

Gernot Seebacher founded Hermont Marine Equipment Inc in 1984 with the goal to supply excellent products, supported by good application knowledge. Early on he saw the need for better service in the areas of pollution abatement, one “necessary evil” for the owners, the step-child of marine equipment. Today Hermont is well known for their expertise in oily water matters as well as other areas, such as engine efficiency.

Some of the interesting projects Hermont Marine Inc. participated in:

Great Lakes regulations: partnering with industry and regulator in the development of the 5-ppm regulations;

CCG in Quebec City: development of a bilge water treatment system suitable for Arctic 0-ppm discharge requirement;

Norwegian Cruise Line: effluent polishing on cruise ships;

Carnival Cruise Line: oil content monitoring and ECP compliant operations of their fleet;

American President Lines: effluent polishing on large container ships;

In oily water separation and oil content measuring, Hermont is recognized today as a resource by industry. Hermont’s team members have a solid understanding of the regulations, their interpretation and the oil-in-water conundrum.

We see the cause and effect of the effluents produced by the ships through the engine room equipment we supply; viscosity controls, filters, etc. This allows us to address the cause of a problem rather than attempt to remedy a symptom.

We are the agent for VAF Instrument, a leader in the viscosity control field. The fact is that the right viscosity on HFO burning diesel ships improves fuel efficiency, reducing pollutants and greenhouse gases. For all motor ships it also holds true that a well-tuned engine offers optimal fuel consumption, again optimizing fuel consumption. The optimized diesel engine reduces fuel consumption, resulting in cost savings combined with less air pollution.

Hermont Marine Inc. started in 1984 as a supplier of products to Canadian ship owners; today we provide products and solutions to the international marine market. As a solution provider to many, with varied requirements and continuous feedback, we can offer forward looking and cost effective solutions to our clients.