Engine analyzer - Doctor by Icon Research

Engine monitoring is an essential part of today's marine operations. With high fuel costs and expensive downtime costs, it is essential to know how engines are performing. Small variations in timing for example can have a large effect on other parameters. Timing that is one degree late will increase exhaust temperature by up to 10ºC and increase fuel consumption by up to 2%. Properly balanced cylinder output leads to smoother and more efficient engine operation.


Icon Research's Doctor System provides detailed, accurate information on the performance of the engine. It allows to balance and tune the engine, which results in optimal running condition of the engine, saving fuel and minimizing environmental impact. Knowing how your engine is performing not only leads to more efficient operation, but can highlight developing faults and assist with targeting engine maintenance. The Doctor also allows to monitor wear and potential failures to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

Product features

Available as a portable, installed or on-line system, allowing you to choose the type of monitoring that is best suited for your condition.

The Doctor can pinpoint problems that are starting to develop. Maintenance can be targeted at the areas requiring attention and disturbance of engine components that are performing well can be minimized - thereby reducing maintenance costs.


Accurate pressure readings and cylinder power calculations allow optimal balancing of the engine to improve engine performance and thereby reduce fuel consumption, fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.