VAF - Viscosity Control


Optimal performance of the engine with environmental compliance and lowest fuel consumption, can only be achieved with reliable viscosity control.

The VAF ViscoSense® is today’s standard of reliability and accuracy. Hermont has over 20 years of positive experience with system upgrades in Canada alone. The fully electronic system replaces the outdated, costly and difficult to maintain old pneumatic viscosity control system. Most of the older systems can be retrofitted with the VAF ViscoSense® without piping changes.

The reliability of the measuring principle used in the VAF ViscoSense®, which basically uses shear forces to determine viscosity rather than the resistance of the medium, is confirmed by the years of trouble free operation. The VAF ViscoSense® performs reliably and accurately even under the most adverse conditions; The controlled viscosity remains spot-on even during maneuvering operations, i.e. even with excessive shipboard vibrations.

Product features:

• Proven shipboard operation/ reliability

• Maintenance free operation;

• Simple plug-and-play technology

• Service technicians trained by the manufacturer