Hermont’s wealth of knowledge at your disposal

Our technicians are factory trained on the equipment Hermont supplies. They are also trained in pollution abatement technology, regulations and pollution prevention solutions.

We pride ourselves in finding the root cause for a problem, then addressing it. This is important, especially in environmental matters, where cause and effect are not always clear.

Whether it’s for a quick in & out service job, or helping you design your company’s environmental plan, we believe it’s our role to present you with a solution that is suited to your specific needs. We aim to be your partner in your efforts to meet your operational goals within the environmental constraints you face.

Hermont Tech’s Services

Pre-purchase consultation

  • Bilge process flow
  • Fuel Monitor process flow

Installation & start-up of products

  • Bilge separator systems
  • Oil Content Meters
  • Oil Mist Detectors
  • Fuel consumption monitoring system
  • Engine analysis system
  • Incinerator assembly or refractory work

Calibration of instrumentation

Preventive maintenance

Repairs on board or ashore

Training of crew

  • Environmental awareness, maximizing engine efficiency

Environmental services

  • MARPOL Annex I, III & VI
  • Ballast water

Expert advice

Consultation services

  • Environmental assessments to establish your environmental footprint and consequently reduce risk and cost.
  • Environmental compliance plan to help implement a company-wide environmental policy.
  • Bilge water management plan to ensure efficiency & reliability of your bilge water treatment and consequential reduction of risk and costs.
  • Efficiency assessments to reduce fuel consumption and harmful air emissions.
  • Bilge Assessments - Improving efficiency, reducing your risk and your environmental footprint.