GRAVINER - Oil Mist Detection


Graviner pioneered Oil Mist Detection over 50 years ago.

The MK-7 OMD uses individual sensor heads at each crankcase space. For each engine the sensors are connected through a connection box to the central monitoring unit. The MK-7 central processor can support several sensors on multiple engines or as engine room monitors.

Oil Mist Detectors (OMD’s) are required by class for unmanned machine space installations with large diesel engines. At Hermont, we believe that the Graviner MK-7 is also a very cost-effective engine condition-monitoring device. The OMD samples the oil mist level in the crankcase space and with it monitors for hot spots. Rather than using sensors to read temperature rise, the monitor uses changes in oil mist concentration to spot a temperature rise in a cylinder compartment. This makes the Graviner OMD an economical condition monitoring system for bearings, crankshaft, liners, pistons and piston rings.

OMD1.png OMD2.png OMD3.png

By preventing a crankcase explosion, the Graviner prevents also a catastrophic engine failure.


  • Multi-engine capability

  • High scan rate

  • Complete flexibility - several engines on a single system

  • Pipe free installation

  • Control unit located in engine control room or other suitable location, connected to detectors via junction boxes

  • Low initial cost and simple to extend

  • No air supply or extractor fans needed

  • Service technicians trained by the manufacturer